Hard Floor or Carpet – Choose Wisely

This is not such an easy question because both have advantages and disadvantages, it is more a personal opinion. If you’re not sure what you want to purchase I recommend you read the article because I’ll try to explain all there is to know about the two types of flooring. I had a hard time choosing and at first I decided that I want a carpet, a big one but when my children were born I understood that I made the wrong choice.

Maybe not the wrong but certainly the harder one because cleaning after children is really tiring, there were stains in colours I never thought existed. I even found a chewing gum mixed with chocolate and crayon under the sofa. They tried to hide it and it wasn’t until the time for deep cleaning I saw what was going on. Although I hire the best carpet cleaners in the area, they couldn’t completely remove the stain.

Therefore I decided it is a better idea to remove the textile flooring and replace it with hardwood flooring. This was quite the investment because hardwood is expensive but I think it’s worth the money. Cleaning is much easier and the stains can’t become permanent. But I have to make a comparison between the two, all of this was my personal experience you may never encounter these situations.


In the past it was considered they you’re classy if you have a big wall-to-wall carpet at home. Oriental handmade carpets were extremely expensive and valuable, but they required special treatment. Most of them were made form natural fibres which are sensitive to moisture and the stains were very hard to remove. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about this any more because there are synthetic and mixed fibres which are tolerant to liquids.

Cleaning is now easy and effective thanks to hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning, in most cases it completely removes even old tough stains. Moreover carpet cleaning companies offer additional protection for your textile flooring. It is a special coating which is applied and prevents liquid to penetrate deep into the fibres making a stain. That way you have more time to react and remove the spot.

The maintenance of textile flooring is quite easy – vacuuming twice a week, taking care of stains right away and deep cleaning once or twice a year. If course the removal of curtain spots can be very hard if the fabric is demanding. As for durability most carpets can last up to ten years which not very much when you think about it. Some manufacturers say their textile flooring can last fifty years but I really don’t think it is possible, at least not if people walk on them daily.

Hardwood Flooring

On the other hand we have the flooring which is almost a hundred percent stain and water resistant – hardwood. We’ll the first disadvantage is you can’t sit on it because it is not soft, it won’t insulate as well as the carpet does. Moreover carpets trap dust and soil particles hardwood flooring doesn’t therefore you have to mop it daily which is not such big of a deal because you’ll be ready within ten minutes. The best thing is you can use plain water most if the time.

As for the durability if you purchase high quality hardwood it can last up to fifty years if properly maintained and refinished every once in a while. The worst thing that can happen is to scratch it, but if you install mats around the house they’ll trap the soil particles and prevent this. There you have it advantages and disadvantages of both floorings simple and easy so you can decide which one suits your needs better.

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