Green Carpet Cleaning Recipe


first carpet cleaner green recipeHow about a preparing your own carpet cleaning solution? You will definitely save some money and what is more avoid using harsh chemicals. Here is how to do it.

First of all, Carpet cleaning London companies recommend to check the fabric of the carpet and its properties prior to treating it. You can save much worries when you know what you should not do. Then cleaning may begin.

A simple but effective way to deal with all stains is using the following carpet cleaning recipe:

Heavy duty carpet cleaning solution:

No matter the type of the stain you can always make a difference by applying a mixture of equal parts salt, borax and white distilled vinegar. This past really does wonders if you leave it to sit for a couple of hours and then vacuum it away.

Grease carpet cleaning remover:

Corn starch can be quite useful when dealing with oily and greasy substances. It absorbs all dirt if you let it sit or a while. Vacuum to remove it.

Another effective way to deal with dirt once and for all is to apply baking soda directly on the greasy stain. Leave it to stay over night and then you can brush it away or vacuum. Tartar cream can be also used as a substitute for all known grease removers.

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