Good and Bad Carpet Cleaning Practices

As spring is now here, cleaning is the new frenzy. If spring cleaning is the thing you want to do, you should make sure you know the right way.

Carpet cleaning is one of the most sophisticated activities that every one off cleaning includes. It is should be regarded as an important process and more attention should be dedicated to it.

One of the most common mistakes most people commit is cleaning without even knowing what they are cleaning. Carpets are made of fibres, some contain cotton wool, others are made of artificial textures. Knowing the type of fabrics allows you to choose the proper cleaning method. Check the manufacturers label for instructions.

Do not use hot water when cleaning. No matter if it is a little spot on the carpet. Carpet cleaning london recommends the use of cold water. Lukewarm liquids are still god, but hot water can make most fabrics shrinks, especially carpets. Protein stains are made permanent when hot water is applied. So try to avoid soaking bloodstains or urine or any other protein stain.

First carpet cleaning has come up with a recipe for eliminating mould and mildew from the carpet. First thing you should do is where does all the-humidity come from. Find the source and try to make it dry. Carpets are prone to accumulating dirt and any water they absorb turns into mould or attracts allergens. Salt and white vinegar in high concentration eliminate all mould from walls. Be careful with carpets, try to brush the mould away, gently, do not over soak it.

So in conclusion, there are several things you should remember: clean according to the manufacturers’ instructions, be gentle, no hot water and no soaking.

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