Get In Shape With 6 Cleaning Tasks Under 60 Minutes

It’s truth time. Is all the time spend on the track and in the gym giving you an advantage when it comes to home cleaning and maintenance? Some say that physical endurance is a key to a clean home, while others think that experience and careful planning matter more. As usual the truth is somewhere between these two extremes. What’s important is whether you are a proactive in keeping your home carpets and upholstery clean or you prefer to wait and see how things unfold?

If you’re the second type, then when it comes to carpet cleaning, for example, you might not be on top of it and will need some time to get back in shape. But like returning to the gym or track after six months absence you’ll have to warm-up a bit before you go for the big kill. You can start with a bunch of easy-to-do projects and remember how things are done. I think I have what you need – a list of home cleaning and improvement projects to energize and prepare you for the biggest challenge – steam cleaning your home carpets.

Test Smoke and CO detectors

Today you can find smoke and CO detectors in almost every home in London. Though some consider them a nuisance, often they are the difference between life and death. Besides, detectors are complicated tools. It uses an ionization chamber to sense subtle changes in the electronic current of the air in your home and alert you. CO detectors use semiconductor wires to monitor the level of carbon monoxide in your home.

Change Furnace Filter

It’s like stretching compared to cleaning the carpet for example. So, don’t waste time and money but act now. Replace dirty filters regularly and you won’t feel the need to pay top money for fixing a broken furnace, due to dirty filter for instance.

Clean Gutters

Well, there are not so many leaves as in the autumn but your gutters still deserve proper attention. Besides, spring rains may cause problems too if they find your gutters stacked with branches and rotten, last year’s leaves.

Clear Drains

Sinks may be looking like brand new, but your drains are probably clogged with nasty stuff. To clean them pour baking soda down and then follow with a bucket of boiling water.

Maintain Locks

Dirty locks are a nuisance which can become a serious issue if you don’t handle it. They’re more likely to jam and break than clean ones. So, it’s reasonable to think that clean locks will cause less trouble and serve you longer.

Wash Area Rug

It’s the last exercise before the big challenge! Get your rug outside, preferably on a concrete surface and use the hose and mild detergent to give it a new, fresh look and smell. Let the rug dry outside on the warm spring sun. By now you should be ready to clean your carpets alone and skip calling in carpet cleaners.

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