First Carpet Cleaning Spring Ideas

Spring is here. Finally. After the long and cold winter it is a time for a new beginning. So let’s make your home breathe again.The first thing to do to celebrate that spring is here is to renovate you home. Spring cleaning is the best method to get rid of all the gloomy thoughts and memories that the winter spurred. Only when you get rid of the heavy winter sweaters and jackets and give your home a fresh and  new appearance.

Carpet cleaning companies recommend you to do the following:

1. Deal with clutter. Empty all dust bins and check your desk for old newspapers and magazines. You can choose to donate them to charity or recycle.

2. Vacuum. Cleaning should always include vacuuming. When you replace your belongings that have been there all winter long, dust can spread all over the place and impede the cleaning.

3. Empty the wardrobes. Pack clothes for the winter and place them at a safe and clean places. To repel moths you can put bunch of lavender sticks.

4. Another carpet cleaning tip is to remove all furniture and clean the are that has been covered for months. Thorough vacuuming is required. You can also mop all floors.

When spring cleaning is over your home will be smelling of fresh flowers. Spread the spring around and enjoy a cosy home.

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