Different Types of Curtains

There is one thing at home that you often forget to clean, although it accumulates as much dust as your rugs and carpets. In case you’re still wondering I’m talking about the curtains – this essential part of your interior design protects the furniture and flooring, therefore it requires special attention.

There are many types of curtains and while most of them are really beautiful, some are a nightmare to clean. We’re going to talk about some of the drapery types and the best way to clean and maintain them.

Velvet Curtains

We’ll start with velvet curtains, this material is preferred by many due to its smooth and soft touch and it is relatively easy to clean it. Using cold water and the appropriate detergent you shouldn’t have any problems. Do not put the velvet curtains in the dryer because the colours might fade, you can leave them to dry naturally and then iron them, but always on the back side. Another way to dry curtains and avoid ironing is to hand them on the rods while they’re still damp but make sure the rods will withstand the weight of the velvet.

Silk Curtains

Another fabric used for curtains is silk, extremely beautiful and quite expensive it is not appropriate if you have children, not to mention pets. An important note, silk curtains are used in a combination with other ‘protective’ drapery so the colour can be preserved for longer. It is not recommended to clean your silk curtains at home, because silk is very delicate material and can be easily damaged. Trust the professionals, they know how to threat them.

Net Curtains

However if you decide to do it all by yourself, keep in mind that silk is affected by water, it loses more than twenty percent of its strength. It is recommended to use dry cleaning solution, but if you can’t find one try warm soapy water. Net curtains are the next type we’re going to look trough, they’re very beautiful and many people prefer them because they let the right amount of light in the room. Most of the time there are recommended type of cleaning solutions listed in the manual.

If not go to a curtains store and ask for advice or contact a professional cleaning service. You should treat all stains – let them soak in the solution for fifteen minutes. Although it is recommended to hand wash your net curtains, setting the washing machine to gentle cycle should do the trick. Anyway I strongly advice you to always contact cleaning technicians because they’ll know how to manage with the stains and the fabric.

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