Creating A Cozy Bedroom For Both You And Your Spouse

You’ve probably been there; had your own, perfectly decorated bedroom that not only had great functionality but offered you something no other place in the world could match: comfort and peace. Before moving in with your significant other, you never had to worry about what went where, who needed to use which drawers and whether or not you could turn on the bedroom light. Now, however, you may be finding yourself struggling to meet in the middle. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you out along the way.

Figuring out who Needs What and When

This can be a tricky task in the beginning, but begin by sitting down and having a discussion. What time does each person need to use the bedroom for sleep? Set priorities. Who needs the bedroom during designated times? For example, if one spouse had a difficult evening and really needs to catch up on some Z’s and the other person simply wants to use the space to watch television, you may want to allow the first person mentioned to take over the room at that time. Not everyone has the luxury of having multiple bedrooms, but if you do, and have more than one television, computer or gaming system then even better.

Equal Parts for Equal Partners

Each person having equal space in a location, whether it be the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen may not always be required but it’s a good starting point. Figure out what belongings you each would like to have in the bedroom. Then, decide which objects or personal items are most important. Something like a bookshelf, for example, since it takes up a large amount of space, could potentially be moved to another room to accommodate for a much-needed dresser. It is not always necessary to split a room exactly in half, but making sure both parties are content with their living quarters means a much more enjoyable daily experience.

Sharing a Closet and a Bed

We cannot talk about a bedroom without mentioning both closet and bed space, as these are two of the most used locations in any bedroom. Closet space can easily be hijacked by one person, so it’s necessary to take into account what both people need hanging, on the upper shelving and stored below.As far as a bed is concerned, take note of how much room you’re giving your spouse to work with. Could you get rid of some of those pillows; or maybe not store so many of your papers there during the day so you both can accompany the space?

Decorative Tasks to Consider

While there are many men and women who do not mind having a room that looks more ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, it never hurts to find neutral ground. Reaching for colors such as deep red, dark brown or adding hints of yellows or oranges creates a space that both parties can be happy with. Whether you choose to hire a professional or take on projects as a family, it’s important that you love your bedroom. It is, after all, an area of the home most families spend at least a third of their lives in.

Author Bio: James Anderson is an interior decorator and has a team of dedicated men who specialize in plastering in Melbourne. As his work involves a lot of detailing he takes care to satisfy the demands of his customers. You can thank him for this post which sheds light on designing bedrooms and it will surely help you in your endeavor of owning a cozy bedroom.

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