Cool Ideas For Your Home In August 2013

Why don’t you dedicate the whole of August to your home and chores around it? You might ask what I mean by that. Well, make a home cleaning and maintenance schedule for the entire month – from 1st till 31st of August. Each day plan to do something valuable for your house or apartment. For example, start with simpler tasks like clearing your bedroom from useless stuff to end with painting the front porch or the living room.

First Week Of August

Start the month with a simple, $100 makeover for your patio. You can always invest this sum for the interior, but let’s be honest how much time do you spend inside in the summer? Not much I guess. So, buy a new market umbrella which can save you from the unforgiving sun rays. Once you are outside, why don’t you check the fence? Walk along it and look for signs of damage. Check the finish and clear any plants/trees creeping along it.

You can celebrate the beginning of August in a eco-friendly way with an outdoor grill. It uses less energy than a normal kitchen stove and can be powered by natural gas or propane which emit less carbon dioxide. Make your home cleaner with a professional carpet cleaning service. Lots of companies offer great discounts in the summer to attract more customers.

Second Week Of August

In the second week of August you can pay more attention to the interior. Though you will be in the midst of summer you can make a few décor changes around the house to show that you’re in a proper, summer mood. Try bright and flamboyant colours like orange, yellow or navy blue. Don’t be scared to improvise with patterns and shades. Leave a couple of days for cleaning tasks. It’s best to start with heavy-traffic areas such as bathroom and kitchen. Once the house is clean, hire professional carpet cleaners to lift all the dirt and dust from the floor.

Third Week Of August

For the third week of the month plan a cool two or three day holiday either with your family or friends. After so much work done in the previous two weeks you need time off and to relax. Once you are back you can grow your own vegetable garden. Though it will be a little bit late if you want to eat home-grown tomatoes in August, but hey why not enjoying their natural taste in September? If your electricity bill is too high check your home for cracks where cool air can escape – usually there are gaps around doors, baseboards and windows. Repair or replace, it depends on your intentions and budget.

Fourth Week Of August

Leave the last week of August for large, time-consuming projects. You can focus on giving your home a new and improved curb appeal. In case you intend to sell it the foreseeable future it will be one thing less to be concerned about. Buy a small amount of paint and paint a small patch of the house/fence to see how it will look. Once you have started painting why don’t you give a lick of paint to the front door too? Railings and steps can also benefit from a coat of paint.

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