Conservatory Carpet Cleaning Guide

A conservatory is an addition to the family home that you want to be proud of, a place to relax or to entertain, to show off to friends and family alike, to dine even. The aforementioned mean that naturally you want it looking fabulous all year round.

Conservatories have many uses. They can be a place to kick back with a bottle of wine, perhaps watch the football with a few beers, host parties, or even a place solely dedicated to your meal time in the form of a dining room. Some even interchange the use of their conservatory – you’ve ate your food, the tables and chairs are packed in the shed and suddenly you and ten of your friends are on your ‘dance-floor’ swinging each other around listening to Abba. Regardless of their use, if your conservatory is kitted out with a carpet, the carpet is going to see its fair share of dirt and grit over the years. By following the right methods and using the correct tools, you can maintain your carpet and continue to impress your guests with your conservatory.

Cleaning your conservatory carpet

As well as wanting to keep you conservatory looking good, maintaining a clean carpet means it will last longer and will also create a healthier environment. So, how can you keep your conservatory carpet looking fresh all year round?

Below are a few of the industry and household methods that you can use to clean the dirt from your carpet in your conservatory and why they may be useful for you:

Hot water extraction method

This method involves using equipment to spray heated water on the carpet while at the same time vacuuming any dirt up. This method uses hot water only (or very little detergent) and so avoids common problems that occur when chemicals are left over in the carpet. It is also advantageous to those concerned about health risks from any chemicals left by cleaning. Machines can be bought or rented for this method when cleaning at home.


Wet shampoo will dry to a powder when scrubbed into dirt on your carpet. This should then be left overnight and the remaining dirt vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. Shampoo can also be used for cleaning wine (after blotting).

Dry compound cleaning

Spread dry compound evenly over your carpet and work the compound into your dirt or stain with a household brush. The compound will attract dirt and grime that can be vacuumed off afterwards when dry.

Encapsulation cleaning

Don’t let the name put you off; This is a simple and very effective method of cleaning dirt from your carpet. Deep cleaning compound crystals act like ‘tiny sponges’, they dissolve and absorb dirt before it should be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. With this method, the dirt can be vacuumed immediately, a huge plus.

Cleaning Wine

Wine cleaning deserves a separate paragraph on its own, simply because the most common thing people seem to spill on their carpet is wine, red wine in particular. It is important to blot the stain with a white cloth first, the colour of cloth is important as you don’t want the carpet to absorb the cloth’s fibres and add to your problems. Apply pressure but do not scrub! Finally, you can take shampoo or clothing stain remover and clean as if it were dirt.

There are other less conventional methods that you can also use such as:

  • Salt – Add salt to the stain while you assess the best way to tackle it!
  • Hydrogen peroxide & Baking soda – Cover the stained area with these two for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water!
  • Vinegar & Soap/Soda – Vinegar neutralises the wine’s pigment. Soap or Soda can be added over the vinegar and left to soak before cleaning!
  • Club soda – Pour on the stain, the carbonation will help lift stain from carpet, clean after!
  • White wine – Pour over stain and blot carefully. Add salt if stain remains!

Whatever you do with a wine stain, never let it sit on your carpet. The quicker you respond, the more chance you have of restoring your carpet and restoring your conservatory to its natural beauty. So, even if you are in the middle of your ‘dance-floor’ riding to the tune of Gangham Style, a call to arms is needed when wine is spilt!

Follow the advice and keep on top of the carpet in your conservatory and keep it feeling like a part of your home you can be proud of.

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  1. Carpet cleaning is pretty much the same procedure for all parts of your home – whether it be a conservatory (in your case), living room or a bedroom. However, the degree of soiling and types of stains might be different so you should use approapriate carpet cleaners.

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