Cleaning the House with Hangover? Think Again

Woke up on a strange place in your house, realising that you are on the attic. Opening the eyes, everything is total mess, something poured on the floor, smell funny too, will clean it later. Going downstairs.

 Towels, plastic cups, forgotten clothes, toilet paper, drinks all over the place, food leftovers and so on. Entering bedroom, again something spilled, already dried liquid on the carpet, will do carpet cleaning later, sheets on the floor, ripped pillows, strange stains on the mattress. Continuing through the house. Next room not so different situation, except the burned candles on the furnitures, will figure out how to remove it.

 Going down on the first floor, you get shocked, the headache increased part from the view you just witnessed part from the hang over. First step, taking big black plastic bags, while gathering all the garbage, you see the whole mess made last night. 18Th birthday parties are also hard. Realising that the problems are quite serious. Already in the kitchen, sink full with dishes, broken plates, dirty cups, a smell coming from the glasses left on the table, going to take them. Ups kicking the cat’s plate with the milk, anger comes in you. Starting to wash the dishes, after the fifth one you released you didn’t took the sponge but the cat. The strange noise from the friction disappears.

 Next step, wiping out the floor, wait where is the mop, usually somebody else is doing this. Searching the house, found it. A bunch of detergents, which one, taking some random one. Ops, this is not working, trying next one, a bigger mess is made, will do it later. You see the couch and the sofas, burns, blurry stains from ash. Kicking something broken on the ground, you fell and your eyes meet the real deal, the fear is rising, parents will come home soon.

 Taking all detergents, towels, and all kind of cleaning tools. How to mix, which one for what is? It wont come out with this detergent. Trying next, not quite good enough, it is still visible. Stopping for a moment taking a good look on the whole house and just remembered what was left for later. Think again, maybe after all you will need some cleaning services.

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