Cleaning Methods For Carpets

Carpets are maybe the kind of furnishing, that gets dirty easier than anything else in the house. Carpet fibres are catching different kind of liquid stains, animal furs, and even parasites. The worst thing about having a carpet at home is that, its cleaning is not as easy as cleaning smooth floor tiles. You need to put many more efforts to get your expensive carpet cleaned as well. Vacuum cleaning is one of the cleaning methods but it can only remove loose solid dirt, and if there are stains, you have to try something else to clean them up.

One of the most used cleaning methods is the dry cleaning method. It requires using of special cleaning solutions combined with a number of mixtures. It is called dry cleaning method, but it involves a little amount of moisture. The good thing about this type of cleaning is that it doesn’t take too much time and it is really easy to do, that is why most carpet cleaning services include dry cleaning to clean.

For instance this dry cleaning method is known as dry compound method and when it is in powder form, is spread over the infected carpet area. Its main role in cleaning is to attach itself to bits of dirt, so that this can be easily brushed off by a hand, or vacuumed as well.

Another method, used in carpet cleaning services, is the wet cleaning method. This one comparing with the dry method, involves a lot of moisture, and it also takes a lot of time to do. Something more- it gives green line to the appearance of mould and fungi on the carpet, mostly because of the moisture. To avoid this, professional cleaners apply special cleaning solutions and usually use wet cleaning only to remove deep stains from the carpet. A good example of wet cleaning method is the steam cleaning, so after applying the solution, the infected area is hit with steam, so the dirt stains get cleaned. The next step is the use of vacuum cleaner, which sucks up all the dirt along with the solution.

In conclusion we can say that both cleaning methods have their pluses and minuses, but after all, depending on what your carpet needs to be cleaned, these methods are the best used ones by professional cleaning companies.

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