Cleaning – Kid’s Biggest Enemy

When it comes to house cleaning kids always find a bunch of excuses. For them house cleaning duties are the most boring activities on Earth and they constantly avoid doing them on purpose. So it’s you, their mother, that has the burden to put everything in order and take care of the domestic mess on time and also deal with all of your other daily duties. Sometimes you wish you had a magic stick to make everything sparkling for a minute, or even to catch a golden fish and wish for some nice cleaners in Melbourne to knock at your door and offer you free house cleaning every day. Sometimes you just want to cry , because you’re too exhausted or you simply wish for a free minute that you can spend in the armchair in front of the TV. But no matter how tired you are that little thing called conscious does not leave you alone and makes you clean and clean and clean all evening long or sometimes even all weekend long.

You often don’t know where to start from. Cleaning the kitchen and toilets, vacuuming and mopping, dusting all around, doing the dishes, cooking supper, doing the laundry, collecting toys from all over the house…….oh , there is always so much you need to deal with and so little time. The solution is to simply start involving your kid in the cleaning process. Here are a few easy steps that will turn cleaning from kid’s enemy to kid’s best friend:

1) Put some music on while cleaning – a song that your child really likes. You can think of a cleaning dance to add to it. In that way every time your kid listens to that song it will remind him of how much fun it was cleaning last time.

2) Play “Treasure island” with your kid. You will have to give clues to the “treasure” after every room that is cleaned by your kid and prepare a candy bar for a final treasure-reward. However, be careful with that one, as if you do it too often the child will loose interest knowing already what will happen.

3) Tidy up the toys together and try to think of a role for each of them – for example Barbie can be your new cleaning maid and your daughter can help her clean the house, or your son’s soldiers can fight against the germ army using the new most popular weapon called mop and soap.

Just make sure you show your kid that cleaning can be fun, be innovative, play with cleaning as well. And don’t worry as if you can’t deal with it you can always call a cleaning services company to arrange for some domestic cleaners to help you with that. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to get rid of stress and have a few hours just for yourselves.

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