Cleaning After St. Valentine’s Evening

The magic romantic night is over and you have had the best time of your life, everything was perfect the dinner, the roses, the gift and it was all a surprise. But now it is time to come back in the reality, the pillows are covered with lipstick and makeup, there is candle wax on the carpet and the petals left stains on the sheets. Not to mention the situation in the living room, you’re considering the option to never go into this room again. There are wine and food stains on the Persian carpet, a total disaster.

And do you see that brown spot it is exactly what you were afraid of – chocolate, and you have to clean all the mess. Don’t worry I’m here to help you and give you some guidance so you can avoid future messes like this. First thing’s first let is deal with the dishes, this won’t be hard especially if you have a washing machine. Next go to the bedroom, the mess there is smaller so it would be a good starting point. The question is how to remove the fire-red lipstick from the pillows?

Bedroom – Lipstick

There is one stain, but die to the ingredients you have to deal with three different types waxes, oils and pigments. Here are some methods you might try before resort to professional cleaners, put the pillowcase stain down and put some kitchen paper underneath it. Apply little makeup remover directly onto the spot and gently rub the area, be careful not th spread it. Rubbing alcohol may help in this situation as well, but dampen a cloth an then blot the area.

You can also try using hairspray directly to the stain and rub with damp towel, rinse with cold water and repeat if necessary. Baking soda can be used to absorb the oil of the lipstick sprinkle a little and wait for about half an hour. I recommend you restrain using bleach because it damages the fibers of the fabric. The alternative is hydrogen peroxide it has similar qualities but is not toxic and turns into plain water after a few minutes.

Moving on with the rose petal stain. Unfortunately there aren’t much detergents that would do the trick, because the petal has natural dyes and they blend better with the fabric. In this case I recommend you soak the sheets into a solution of bleach and water and let them sit for about two three hours. Of course there is a possibility of damage on the fabric, but there really isn’t another way. After that rinse well and put the sheets into the washing machine with extra detergent.

Living room

Once you’re done with the bedroom and had a little rest it is time for the heavy work, wine, wax, food and chocolate stains. I’m giving you the worst case scenario, there is a possibility non of this happens and you spend a wonderful night. Since you’re dealing with the stains the next day, they’re probably dry, here is what you’re going to do. First step scraping the excess use a spoon or blunt knife, next vacuum the area thoroughly to loosen the stains.


Get some ice and freeze the chocolate to ease the removal and try to chop off any remaining pieces. Understand what type of carpet are you dealing with in order to choose the right method and if it is moisture sensitive better hire a carpet cleaning company. There is always a possibility to make a mistake so do a spot test for disolouration ad bleeding. You can use rubbing alcohol, detergent solution and alkaline solution.

Get surgical spirit and apply on clean white cotton towel and place the towel onto the post. Massage the area with the backside of a spoon to prevent damage on the fibers. Remove the towel and rinse with cold water. Get a mild carpet shampoo and mix it with water but be careful because if you put too much shampoo rinsing will be hard. Wet a towel an place it over the stain applying pressure, since the mixture is diluted no rinsing is needed.

The final approach is to make an alkaline solution by mixing one tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of water. Before you prepare the solution open all windows and put on your rubber gloves, because ammonia is toxic. The procedure is the same as with the detergent solution, but you’ll have to neutralize the alkaline. This can be done with white vinegar and water in one to three proportion poured into a spray bottle. Sprinkle and blot with clean towel to neutralize, rinse with cold water and let it dry.


Dealing with wine is much easier, you’ll need salt, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and club soda. If the stain is fresh you can apply the 1:1 mixture of baking soda and salt, this will absorb the liquid and colour. If it has already dry you have to force the stain out with a mixture of equal parts club soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply small amount onto clean cloth and blot gently until there is no trace of the stain. If this doesn’t help you should contact professional carpet cleaners.


Unfortunately there are too many different kind of food stains and all of them require individual cleaning procedure, therefore I recommend you read some articles and see how to eliminate variety of spots on your own. If the carpet is too precious and you aren’t sure you can handle it, I strongly advice booking a carpet cleaning company. The specialists there will save you a lot of trouble and time.

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