Cigarette Odour Removal Tip

The cigarette smoke odour in the house is one of the worst smells imaginable. The best solution for this problem is if you or anybody else does not smoke in the house and rather go outside, or at least smoke close to an open window. Still, there are many cleaning solution for the cigarette smoke odour problem, that you can use.

The worst things that first absorb and later emits the unpleasant cigarette odour are the carpet, the upholstery and the curtains and drapes. And while you can easily take down the curtains and wash them in the laundry machine thus removing the unpleasant odour from the fabric. You cannot do the same with the carpet and the upholstery.

However there is one solution for that problem. And that solution comes in the form of baking soda. Baking soda is very versatile products that has large number of cleaning applications from stain removal, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, odour removal and so much more.

And how does baking soda work? Well, quite simple actually the white powder substance has great odour absorbing powers. Just sprinkle generous amounts of the baking soda all over the carpet, although you can sprinkle only that part of the carpet which you think emits the awful cigarette stench. After that take a broom and brush the baking soda to make sure that it gets deep into the fibres. Leave the carpet like this for 24 hours. After that is time for carpet cleaning. Take the vacuum cleaner and clean the carpet thoroughly until even the tiniest grain of baking soda is gone.

Now take a sniff of the carpet and notice the absence of cigarette smoke odour. Do the same procedure on the upholstery as well to remove the bad odour.

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