Carpet Cleaning Tips that Protect Your Carpet

Have you ever wondered why your carpets get worn so fast? Losing their shine, getting stained, acquiring dark areas in mysterious ways? In this article, I will try to help you prevent this with a few easy tips.
First of all – use your vacuum cleaners. Do it often, do it slowly, so you can absorb as much dirt and dust as possible. Three times per week would be ideal. It isn’t that hard, definitely easier than scrubbing a carpet for an hour or so. Taking off your shoes might seem like a small thing, but it is not!
If you don’t vacuum frequently, and if people walk around the house with their boots on, your carpet will wear out very rapidly. The combination of sand, dust and the friction of your shoes can be devastating for the tissue. Let’s not forget that the sand is like many small knives to the fibres! It damages it a lot faster.
A very easy and cheap solution would be to put a couple of small rugs in the high traffic areas, thus keeping your carpet cleaner and better protected. But the professionals from Carpet cleaning Hammersmith share some more interesting and helpful facts!
Simply eating food can downgrade your carpet quality. Making stains by mistake, dropping crumbs on the floor, both of those are not healthy.
The easy way to avoid this is to put something on your carpet, to keep it protected while you are eating. You can see it might be a bit inconvenient and look funny, but it is one of the means to prolong the life of your carpets. After all, permanent stains are… well, permanent. Another necessity is to take care of the stains as soon as they happen. Leaving a stain unattended, especially on damaged tissue can put a scar on your carpet for life!
Regular deep cleaning is also very important, since you can’t vacuum everything from the carpet. Dust builds up and can become quite a nuisance to your own health.
So, follow these tips, proceed with the prophylactics and make sure to call some of the reputable Islington cleaners if you need professional care for your carpet!

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