Carpet Cleaning Kit

Carpet cleaning chores shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although carpet cleaning is not some complex task, it still has to be done with proper attention and care. To ensure that you are always ready to tackle any carpet cleaning problems, then you should be prepared in advance. And the best way to prepare yourself for any carpet disasters is by assembling a carpet cleaning kit.

The carpet cleaning kit should contain all the necessary cleaning equipment – tools and cleaning solutions. Store them in a box somewhere and label it. Make sure that the box/ kit is easy accessible so that you can act swiftly and promptly if there is the need for that.

What should your carpet cleaning kit contain? Of course, the most important thing about cleaning any carpet or rug for that matter is the proper cleaning solution. So prepare different types of cleaning solutions and store in bottles that are label accordingly to the job they are supposed to do. Carpet cleaning Balham professional recommend that you have at least one cleaning solution ready for any of the different kinds of stains – general water-based stains, oil-based stains, coffee and tea stains, pet stains, and juice and dye stains. You can create your own cleaning solution for the different types of stains using cleaning recipes from books or internet, and common household products such as baking soda, vinegar and others.

One useful thing that you can do after creating your own cleaning solution is to test them first on some areas of the carpet to see whether the compound you’ve created damages the fabric. If it does, carpet cleaning Balham experts advice you to make sure that this is written down on the label.

Other things should also be included in your carpet cleaning kit. Paper towels are mandatory. If there is spill then it should blotted as quickly as possible and the best way to do it is with a lot of paper towels. The kit should contain also sponges, absorbent cloths, rags, knife (if you have to scrape something off), towels to dry off the fabric.

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