Best Tips on How to Remove Mold from Carpet

No matter if your carpet is a Persian or a regular one, you should try to protect it against mold and mildew. The latter are the worst enemies of any fabrics and materials. Learn how to remove mold from your carpet and preserve the cleanness of your carpet.

The emergency treatment is vacuuming the area. Try to remove as much mold as possible. Vacuuming prior to cleaning and scrubbing will prevent mold from spreading around.

Bear in mind that mildew comes from mold, which grows due to high moisture. Try to locate and eliminate the source of moisture.

According to professional carpet cleaning professionals the best way to eliminate mold from carpet is by treating it with soap and water. Mix the soap with the water, you need to make an almost transparent solution. Brush the carpet until mold is completely gone. Wear protective mask to avoid fungi inhalation.

Some methods in carpet cleaning are more effective than others. There is another heavy duty solution you may want to try. If you consider soap as not that effective, try using green cleaning supplies. The good old vinegar mixed with a fair amount of salt works well on walls, why not try it on your carpet. Prepare a paste of white distilled vinegar and salt. Cover the carpet and let it sit overnight. Then vacuum or blot with clean water.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions. The best way to deal with mold and mildew at once is to trust professionals to perform deep cleaning of the affected areas.

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