Best Remedy for Carpet Burns

It is awful to see stains on your carpet, especially if the spot was made of tomatoes, wine or coffee. But this is repairable while carpet burns are another issue. They are hard to remove and sometimes even impossible to fix. Let’s look at the different types of burns and check out the best remedy for your carpet.

The most common reason for holes on the carpet are cigarettes, because they can be very easily dropped on the floor. If you happen to do that, you have to pick the cigarette up as quickly as you can. If the burn is light, you can easily make the damage disappear, if you take a pair of scissors and remove the burned fibres. Some domestic cleaning services suggest that the best remedy for making the spot invisible is to shorten the fibres around it, too.

In case you dropped your cigarette and it stayed on the carpet longer so that it became a hole, you can do the following. Again, cut the dark fibres which show us that it is was burned. Then find a piece of your carpet which was cut for an example when you installed it in your house, or you can cut fibres from some hidden area under the couch. Use instant glue to put in the hole and then push the fibres in it. Leave something heavy on the area for several hours and next time when you do the domestic cleaning, you won’t notice anything. This is what I call best remedy for carpet burns.

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