Best Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

Your new carpet just got stained? You spend hours vacuuming and then your kids come in and it is dirt again? Just take a breath and relax. We have come up with the easiest way to deal with carpet dirt.

Carpet cleaning is no longer a mystery as the secret of safe carpet maintenance can now be clear to you.

The basics of carpet cleaning is regular care and prevention. If you think you are doing this already, you need to do something else. Let’s find out what.

Green cleaning – this is a perfect solution for any kind of domestic cleaning in a home with little children. In order to prevent the dirt from spreading around and use no toxic chemicals, green cleaning is the best solution. Carpets should be kept in perfectly clean state in order for you toddlers to be happy and healthy. Pouring some baking soda where you spot dirt or smell, let it absorb for a while and then vacuum. Another disinfectant is lemon juice mixed with tea tree oil. You can use for any stains on table, furniture or wood.

Carpet cleaning company has been benefiting from the use of green cleaning carpet shampoo. This natural solution can be used for regular cleaning, but also for after stain removal treatment. You need a solution of half a cup white distilled vinegar in 2 gallons of hot water. For creating foam you can make add 1 teaspoon laundry detergent to 250ml white distilled vinegar. This can bring the brightness even to an old carpet.

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