Berber Carpet Cleaning Guide

Berber carpets are among the most durable flooring covers. They originate from Morocco and are even called Mohawk carpets. Here is how to take care of such North African artwork. Check the Berber carpet cleaning guide.

Although Berber carpets are stain resistant, dirt gets trapped inside and this may lead to severe contamination and dry cleaning may turn out to be your last resort. Let’s dwell on the effective ways of cleaning a Berber carpet. To ease this task we have gathered the best tips from carpet cleaning London professionals.

No matter what kind of carpet you have, Persian, Mohawk or a traditional rug, one of the major ways to prolong fibers’ life is by vacuuming regularly. There is nothing worse than a dust infested carpet with faded colours. Carpet cleaning starts with thorough vacuuming, and of course with a suitable brush, do not use beater bars, suctions are fine.

Avoiding dirt is a good thing to do, but not the easiest of tasks. One simple gesture as taking your shoes off at the door step before entering the house is far better than daily vacuum cleaning. Have a door mat installed, so that less dirt and soil will be brought indoors, while you are taking your shoes off. Bacteria and germs will be also kept at bay with the simple act of not wearing your dirty shoes at home.

Be more attentive to your Berber carpet as it gets more soiled than traditional carpets. It has loop piles, that contribute to its durability, but they keep more dust inside and daily vacuuming is essential for bringing dust under control.

Enjoy its exotic look for longer and take good care of it.

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