Benefits Of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Nobody wants to live in a dirty house. We sped hours in cleaning every inch of our homes and there comes a moment when we just can’t cope with everything. After a hard day at the office no one wants to come home and start the daily vacuuming of the carpet or the cleaning of the oven. Good thing we have all those machines that help us save time. Surely you have called a cleaning company at least once. Do you wonder how professional cleaning technicians do their work? Here is some insiders info.

When to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is becoming more popular due to the time it saves compared to Hot Water Extraction cleaning (HWE). Some carpets are sensitive to moisture as you know and here comes the dry cleaning, because daily vacuuming just isn’t enough. Once a month is the perfect time to clean your carpet thoroughly. I assume you know what is the material your carpet is made of? If so here are some of the types demanding dry cleaning. Cotton, jute, hessian, sisal, coil, seagrass.

If you don’t know what type is your carpet contact the manufacturer, before doing anything. If you call a cleaning technician, he/she will certainly tell you, after all that’s what they do for a living. Actually dry carpet cleaning is known as “very low moisture” (VLM). First thing that has to be done is vacuuming. Don’t worry you won’t be moving a finger, except when you open and close the door. The cleaner is going to do everything.

Let’s get back to the cleaning process. After vacuuming comes the cleaning powder. It is sprinkled on the carpet and scrubbed into it with a special machine. The tool uses soft brushes that penetrate to the lowest part of the carpet’s fibers for better cleaning. The friction activates the detergent’s ingredients causing dirt and dust to come out. All the grime is locked into the powder and then vacuumed off. When using cleaning agents, remember to open a window, the area must be ventilated properly.

And now the benefits of dry, VLM cleaning. You can walk on the carpet right after the technician leaves. It is awesome, because you can call the company just before a party. No more than half an hour and your carpet will look just like you bought it yesterday. All stains will be removed and the rug will look brighter. And the best thing. Are you ready? The cleaning products are absolutely organic, therefore safe for children and pets. So don’t hesitate and call this company providing the best services for carpet cleaning London.

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