Avoid These 5 Home Makeover Mistakes

Home makeovers can have a profound impact on your home interior appeal. In fact, many people either hire professional designers or carry out the task themselves. Most of the time both groups get the expected results. However, as with every human endeavour there is a chance of things going south. Ever more so if it’s something you do for the first time. So, if you’re a homeowner who has decided it’s high time to change a few aspects or details in their home interior get to know the little tricks well.

In the age of Google you can find information about just anything and anybody. There are lots of professional sites as well as online magazines and personal blogs providing lots of general and more specific information on home makeovers. Not surprisingly, most posts focus on best practices or fresh ideas. However, an important aspect is omitted – common mistakes people make when giving their homes a face lift. This post will try to summarize several of the gravest mistakes homeowners make in the process and how to avoid them.


Money matters unless you have a load of cash in the basement! If you get this initial stage right and make proper adjustments and plan carefully, the rest of the home makeover will be adding value and comfort to your home. When you operate with limited resources which is essential (ask any financial adviser) you have to make compromises. You might have seen a vintage wide-plan floors in a celebrity house, but can you really afford it? Instead go for much cheaper imitation and get the same looks.

Quality Over Quantity

This point summarizes two important issues. First, what is more important to you? To have fewer but better things or a home full of useless clutter? So, avoid buying sprees. Go for the long run. Even though you end up with only one high-quality acquisition a year, you will be sure its the real deal. An item that really benefits your home interior and is worth having in the home. Besides, I’m sure you would save lots of money in the long run.


Closely related to former paragraph. Avoid stacking valuable living space with stuff you don’t really need or want. For example, why would anyone need 50 bed pillows? Where are you supposed to sleep? How would you put them back? On a heap or you have to place each separately? Unless you have a team of dedicated house-maids to look after the job, you don’t want this at your home.


It’s essential that you enjoy the process. Otherwise, you should better quit as soon as possible. Don’t torture yourself unnecessary. The process is supposed to bring you joy and relaxation. Not stress and endless thoughts about sales, bargains, etc.

Small Spaces

Let’s admit it. Not many people have the luxury to live in large mansions. Most of us have decent houses while some have to live in tiny boxes. In such situations people try to make their homes look bigger than they actually are. Common mistake is to use small furniture with the hope that the room will look larger compared to the furnishings. Unfortunately, you will achieve just the opposite effect. If you want to make a room seem larger use either large-scale pieces, tall hanging blinds or bright coloured fabrics like upholstery, carpets and rugs. Another important to issue to look out for is keeping your home furnishings clean and tidy at all times. Imagine placing an antique vase on wine stained carpet… It would look awful. Keep regular cleaning schedule for your carpets and rugs.

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