All You Need to Know about Carpet Cleaning – Part 2

Let’s get deeper into the carpet cleaning basics. Check our previous post for the basic principles of carpet cleaning. It is time to discuss it even further.

Anyone with carpet flooring knows how warm and comfy a carpet is, when it is new and still clean. If you what to prolong this comfort in time, we will help you clean in the best way.

Carpet cleaning London points out that there are as many ways to clean a carpet as the different carpet fabrics. But do not panic. Only professionals have to know it all. It is fairly enough for you to check the type of your carpet fibres and then apply the basic carpet cleaning methods.

Do not underestimate brooming. It may be old fashioned but it remains effective. You can simply brush the dirt away. You may like to use a regular broom, allowing you to clean in all directions. Do not brush hard, control your strength.

The good old vacuum cleaner is your carpet’s best friend. Carpet cleaning is most effectively performed when brooming is followed by vacuuming. Adjust the vacuum cleaner to the carpet fibres’ length in order to avoid any damage.

Rent a steam cleaning machine. Steam cleaning is the most preferred deep cleaning method especially by first carpet cleaning companies in London. Make sure you follow all the instructions given. You can always trust professional to give you the best advice when it comes to dealing with steam cleaning machines.

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