7 Ways Your Cleaning to Go Au Naturel (Part 2)

Today I will continue with fresh tips and ideas about natural household cleaners. Yesterday I wrote extensively about salt and its uses in our everyday life. This time I will look at white vinegar as an alternative to commercial cleaners and spot removal products. I think it’s worthwhile to consider for a moment the advantages of vinegar as a cleaning solution for your household. It’s way cheaper than commercial products, has fantastic cleaning properties and is absolutely safe for you and your family!

Choose Vinegar For Non-Toxic Cleaning

Vinegar is a wonderful product. Discovered by chance 10, 000 years ago, people still use it widely in the age of Google, Amazon and Tesla Motors. And why wouldn’t we? Vinegar is a versatile product that have withstood the test of time used by Babylonians, Roman legionnaires and even Cleopatra to win a wager applying its solvent property. Besides it’s numerous cooking uses, white vinegar is an effective all-natural, non-toxic cleaning product.

  1. Keep your microwave oven clean – Sick and tired of scrubbing baked-on food from the walls of the microwave? Then fill a porcelain bowl with ½ cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. Cook it until boiling and remove the bowl. Any baked-on food would have loosened by now and you’ll have no problems wiping it off. Additionally, any lingering odours would be dispelled.
  2. Remove cooking odours – Banish unpleasant onion or garlic odours from your hands. Simply wipe them with vinegar after chopping.
  3. For better looking floors – Mix in a bucket a gallon of water and ½ cup of vinegar. Then use the solution to clean tiles and linoleum. If you encounter stubborn staining, apply undiluted vinegar onto the problem area.
  4. More vivid colours – Keep colours from fading during washing by soaking clothes or other fabrics in vinegar before laundering.
  5. Take care for home appliances – Remove soap residue from your washing machine by running an empty cycle adding a cup of white vinegar.
  6. Enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee – Get rid of mineral deposits accumulated in your coffee pot. Fill in the reservoiur with a cup of undiluted vinegar and run a empty cycle. Then clean thoroughly with two additional cycles with water.
  7. Good morning cup of tea – Remove lime deposits in a tea kettle by pouring ½ cup of vinegar to the water and leave it overnight. If it doesn’t help, boil the kettle and rinse with water.

No matter how hard large multinational corporations try to convince us that household cleaning products have to be expensive and branded, experience points to the contrary. Humans have been using a wide variety of natural, readily available substances to clean their bodies and homes for thousands of years. Besides vinegar and salt there are many more absolutely natural and effective products we can use for cleaning our home possessions and furnishings like brass or copper collectibles, carpets, upholstery, etc . At the end of the day the choice is left with the consumer which path to take…

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