6 DIYs Under 1 Hour! Can You Do It?

Home improvement projects are the last thing you want to think about this weekend. However, it’s good to remember that the more you look after your home, the less it will trouble you in the future. What’s more, these DIY ideas are set to make your weekend both relaxing and money-wise. Remember, there is no pressure on you to finish all six tasks in an hour. Just feel comfortable with the pace of work.  

Polish Door and Windows Hardware

Shining brass door knobs always attract attention and envious looks from the neighbours. But what if your front door knob has lost its shine due to years of heavy use and exposure to moisture. Spruce up your home front polishing the door knob regularly. There are several effective products and natural cleaning substances that will do great work like vinegar, salt and flour, brand brass polisher or ammonia. Once you have started cleaning the front, you can do the same for all brass hardware in your home, too.

Do Fast Carpet Spot Cleaning

Spot carpet cleaning is fast and easy to do provided that you have located troubled areas and prepared correct cleaning products. It’s best to use natural cleaners along with commercial ones to minimize the adverse effect of the latter to the planet. 10 minutes time is more than enough to remove a stain provided that it has been there for ages. In such cases it’s best to call a professional carpet cleaning contractor. A few days ago I used the services of an expert cleaner and I can say that I’m really satisfied with the excellent cleaning results.

Upgrade Window Treatments

For a fast window treatment upgrade new curtain rods are the best choice. If your curtain rods have lost their new looks, then it’s time to replace them. The best thing about this DIY project is that most curtain rods are easy to swap and inexpensive.

Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

Use the right cleaning solution to clean your patio furniture upholstery correctly under 15 minutes. Mix 1 tsp. Borax and 1 tsp. dishwashing liquid in a quart if lukewarm water. Pour the concoction in a spray bottle. Saturate the cushion fabric with the mixture and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then use your garden hose to knock down dirt and cleaning solution alike. Put the cushions to dry in the sun. Now you will enjoy cleaner outdoor evenings.

Replace Light Fixtures

It’s a job which will take no more than 15 minutes if you follow these instructions carefully. First, turn off the circuit breaker and leave a note next to it warning that someone is working on the lighting. Then take down the old fixtures, remembering which wires were connected and which twisted together. You need this to replicate the configuration successfully later. Finally, screw the new hardware to the wall or onto the ceiling. Now you can turn the switch on and test what you have done. Remember that nothings makes a room looking updated than new fixtures.

New Outdoor Lights

Which is the best way to set the perfect mood for your garden evenings? Some will say it’s the comfortable patio furniture, others will claim it’s the flowers and plants that will make it for your pleasant evening. Well, there isn’t a best fit all strategy. According to me, ambient lighting is one of the most important features for a garden. How to make the lights hang? Heavy-duty adhesive or screw-in hooks is all you’ll need. Just make sure that there is an electrical source nearby.



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