5 Ways To Add Some Excitement To Your Stale Living Room

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What would you do if you hated your living room? It’s the most enjoyable place in the home for most people and if you didn’t want to spend any time there it would make for a boring life. The kitchen is a lovely room that ensures you never go hungry, but you definitely wouldn’t want to spend much time in there. Everyone loves to sleep and the bedroom is high up on the list, but when you spend too much time in your bedroom you feel like your life is passing you by.

Nowhere comes close to the living room and that means you want to make yours look amazing. Not just decent, but amazing. Before you go and spend thousands of dollars on fancy toys for the room you need to think about it very carefully. Sometimes there are only a few things you need to do to improve the look by miles. Let’s take a closer look at some of them now and if your living room doesn’t excite you when you walk through the door you can test these out.

Add a lovely fish tank

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A fish tank is definitely not the cheapest thing in the world you can add to your living room, but once it’s installed it’ll look like your room is worth a million bucks. The enjoyment and relaxation you will get from looking at it is worth all the hassle. If you’re going to get one you need to remember that fish don’t feed themselves and the tank can’t clean itself. You’ll need to either learn how to deal with both of them, or hire someone who can do it for you.

Hang some fancy curtains

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When you watch old movies with beautiful houses there will always be something in the room that stands out more than anything else. It’s always the fancy curtains they use and it will be the exact same with your room should you decide to get some made. If you have the money it’s always better to go with a custom job because they’ll end up exactly how you want them to look. It adds much more to your room.

Install a log fire

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Fire might be hot and dangerous, but you’ve got to admit it looks lovely. Especially if a nice fire is crackling away in the background as you watch a movie with the family. Log fires are coming back into fashion with a lot of people and it’s almost seen as a style symbol to have one in your living room. You also get to go looking for your own wood to chop, so it will keep you nice and hot twice in one day.

Buy some reclining chairs

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How great would you feel when watching TV if you could just kick back your chair and swing your feet up? This is exactly the kind of thing you can do if you have reclining chairs, just because you can. You certainly won’t get bored of sitting around in the living room watching TV all day and it’s possible you might forget to eat because you don’t want to get up.

Throw out most things

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Take a look around and count how many pieces of furniture are just standing there doing nothing. If you throw all these things out you could have a minimalist living room that was free from clutter and junk. Replace the few remaining items you have with nicer quality models and you will love your room a lot more because you have more space to breath. One of the best things about this plan is that having less stuff equals less stress, plus you have less cleaning to do.

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