5 Don’ts in Home Decorating

Your home interior is essential part of your home. It makes your home feel inviting and help you enjoy life. However, designing it isn’t an easy task. Quite too often you might come up with an idea that doesn’t translate well in reality. You can find here some of the decorating mistakes to avoid when trying to achieve a better balance between colour, shape and size in your home.


Over Stuffing a Room

Common mistake among homeowners is to put all their eggs in one bag. What I mean is that personal artifacts like photos, memorabilia or things you like play an important part in your home. They bring this sense of distinctiveness in your home like nothing else would. However, cluttering your living room with all you have is not the way to do it. It’ll make a room uncomfortable and confuse people where to look.

Instead choose two or three praised and valuable pieces for every room. Thus you will get a better design effect and will have conversational pieces in each room.

Don’t Try To Match Everything

What if you choose a grey coloured carpet and start building your living room colour theme from there? Is the room going to be all grey? How about walls and ceiling? Don’t fall for this trap. Yes, pieces of furniture, wall and carpet colour should fit but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should match. It would be too boring home to live in. For example, if you have a soft grey carpet get dark yellow or orange furniture upholstery. Play with colours!

Don’t Place Furniture Against the Wall

Too common an error among homeowners who try to free more space. Well, placing cupboards, chairs and couches against the wall will only ruin the feel of openness and disrupt the natural flow of a room. You will have lots of unused space in the middle and only a few paths to reach it. Instead place your couch in the middle and add a few chairs. It’ll have an instant impact on the way people feel.

Don’t Paint Walls In White

One is thing is sure – even hospital don’t have their walls painted all white these days. Add a bit of yourself with a colour you have never imagined could be on a wall. Either something bold and challenging like red or yellow or something calming and thoughtful like emerald green or deep ocean blue. For sure it will be an invigorating experience. Use light colours to open up a space and dark hues to make it feel more comfortable.

Don’t FOLLOW Decor Trends

A trend is just that. A trend. It will come and go. It doesn’t care for people’s preferences, taste or comfort. Remember that having a home from the latest décor magazine page. 6 will cost you dear. Second, it will be really uncomfortable to live in such a place and last but not least how would you feel in one or two years time when the fad has died out? So, the best thing is to follow your heart and add a little bit of yourself no matter how different from current trends.

Finally, don’t make the mistake many people do – fail to keep their homes nice and clean. If your home is dirty no new piece of furniture or oriental carpet will make it look better. Things like regular vacuum cleaning, carpeting cleaned every year and spring cleaning will make your home look at its best.

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