5 Amazing Tips To Make The Most Out Of a Small Room


Have you ever thought what it would be like to live in a mansion? You would have the space to buy any weird and wonderful contraption you could think of. Never again would you need to squeeze past someone on your way to the kitchen. You might get lost walking to the bathroom and things would always go missing, but you would never complain about not having enough space. That’s probably the exact opposite of the way you’re living at the moment.

I wouldn’t worry about not having a lovely mansion because you’re in good company. Nearly everyone in the world lives in somewhere small enough to send shivers running down a multi-millionaire’s spine, but they’ve learned to live with it and you need to do that too. Even if your room is small it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make the most of it. Find out a few of the things other people do to guarantee they are always happy no matter what size their room is.

Decide what you need


When you need to choose things to put inside your room you should do it carefully. Only buy things you actually need otherwise you’re wasting valuable space. If you don’t read books then it seems silly wasting space with a bookcase, but if you have lots of magazines lying around you would want a magazine rack in between the couch and the chair. Just make a list of everything you need and you can stop yourself from buying junk that will only gather dust.

Throwing things out

Now that you’ve stopped yourself from buying useless junk you can throw out the stuff you already have. There is no point in keeping it if you don’t actually use it. You could even sell it to make some money if you don’t feel like throwing it on top of the garbage tip. If you still use something you don’t need to get rid of it to make more space, but if you will never use it again then don’t keep it. Your life will be more enjoyable in a spacious room.

Lots of light is good


Whenever you’re sitting inside a darkened room you know how bright it becomes as soon as the curtain is pulled open. Once the room is bright it looks much bigger because every corner of the room is visible in all its glory. This is what you should be attempting to replicate if you want your small room to look a lot bigger. There are lots of tricks you can use, but start by keeping the curtain open during daylight hours because natural light works best.

Go higher

Everything you have at the moment is probably sitting on the ground, but that eats up all the space on the floor while you still have a massive amount of space higher up. Is there any way you can take stuff and use it at a higher level? For instance, a bookshelf could sit on top of drawers or you could hang your television on the wall. Another great way to save space is by putting up shelves that all your ornaments can sit on.

Use storage space

Do you really need to have everything on display at all times? It’s possible you could keep some stuff tucked away inside a storage space and then you could just bring it out when you need it. Keeping things inside storage spaces is a great way to free up large chunks of room and how many things do you need on display anyway? Keep your ornamental things on display, but keep your other things under the stairs.

Author Bio: Patrick shares home decor tips with his readers through his blogs. He says it is important to make your house look beautiful but more than that it is important to make it safe. He believes that installing concrete polished floors makes a house safe for kids and elderly people.


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