3 Reasons To Buy A Rug

It seems that during the last decade carpeting has fallen out of favour with consumers who prefer hard floor alternatives. However, people still look to complement their flooring with a textile cover to make it more warm and comfortable. Rugs have been the obvious choice. They add visual and physical comfort to a room whilst protecting the hard floor underneath. What’s more, rugs are easy to maintain and clean unlike carpets, which require the use of professional equipment.

Another reason for rugs to become so popular is the wide selection of colours, textiles and shapes they offer. This diversity allows you to arrange your home in innumerable ways. 

Protect Wood Floors

Recent resurgence in wood flooring noticed over the last couple of years has given a significant boost to the numbers of rugs in homes across UK. Hard wood surfaces look fabulous and enhance the visual appeal of a room, but still remain cold to the touch while can be easily damaged by heavy foot traffic. Here enters a rug. It’ll soften the look of the room, keep your feet warm and protect the wood surface. You can choose from a wide range of models – modern or traditional, shaggy or even natural fibre ones.

Rugs will stop tiny and large scratches appearing on your hard wood floors. Whether you’re pulling furniture, your kid dragging a kitchen chair or your pet playing around, the rug will be able to minimize the damage caused.

Enhancing Room Looks

What’s even better about rugs is that you don’t have to use them only on wooden floors. They look great over any type of natural stone, laminate and vinyl. Even if you can’t afford to buy an expensive wood floor you can cover existing surface deficiencies with a rug. However that isn’t the main reason to place a rug in the middle of the living room. You place a rug to add something extra to already fabulously looking room.

Surface Kids Can Play On

Rugs are so child-friendly. First, adding it to your floor would provide a cushion in case someone falls. Second, it will soften the surface and make an excellent place for kids to play on. Finally, in cold days it’ll “warm” cold floors and protect your child from catching a cold.

All in all, rugs make a wonderful finish for just any floor type – hard wood, laminate or natural stone. Unlike carpets, it’s quite easy to clean. Most fabrics will allow you to wash it in the back yard. However, if you prefer, you can use pick up and delivery rug cleaning services.

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