3 Must Do DIYs For This Summer

Spring is the season when new life wakes up from its winter sleep and a great renewal begins. Then people start to alter spaces with only one thing on their mind – sunny summer days! Though they begin transformational projects in the spring all efforts are geared up to achieve maximum comfort during the summer. Fine weather is great responsibility and though improving your home isn’t as enjoyable as sitting in front of the TV watching a favourite show, for example, a couple of hours spend fixing things here and there can make a difference. 

Exterior Decor

Though I’m not a certified expert I have experience living in a house with a backyard. Over the years I have learnt that if you show a bit of love for your yard, you can turn it into a heaven on Earth. Simple steps can ensure great comfort and nice time for you in the summer.

Fire Pits

An open flame and small children doesn’t bode well for anybody. It’s just not safe and worth all the possible trouble and always watchful parents. But for those of age, a fire pit can result in many pleasant evening around an open fire. For the DIY enthusiasts there are lots of inexpensive ways to build one. Just get creative and go!

Patio Furniture

It’s a no-brainer but many people fail to utilize furniture in the backyard. Envision what a few chairs and a table can do for your social life or time spent with family? Adding a couch, hammock or a day bed will make it a dream retrieve for you.

New Deck

Installing a deck without professional assistance might seem daunting but with help from friends and family it can easy. Along with increasing your house value, a new deck will provide a great setting to place a barbecue and enjoy evenings and weekends with friends and family.

New Coat Of Paint

Painting is all-time favourite DIY project. Some bloggers advertise it as an easy, afternoon past-time for weekends but it’s not quite so. You need to have proper understanding of what you’re up to. In case you are not familiar, ask friends with more experience in painting. A word of advice – stick to small projects, preferably not too high. Using ladder can be extremely dangerous even if you have help!

When shopping for supplies, keep nature in mind. Try eco-friendly options, avoid using products containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are known to cause cancer and increase air pollution. Alternatively, make your own no-VOC paints at home. Recipes are available for those of you who are willing to go the extra mile.

Home Cleaning

Cap your home improvement efforts with deep cleaning. If you are late with the spring clean, now is the time to reward your home with a series of cleaning events. Like VOC paints, commercial cleaners also contain a large amount of harmful products. Substitute them with natural goods like baking soda, vinegar or salt. For larger items like furniture upholstery or carpets use the services of a cleaning expert.

I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy eventful and pleasant summer days if you put more effort in the preparations now!

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