3 Most Dreadful Carpet Stains

Carpets are a nice decoration but sometimes can be annoying to clean. Especially if the stains have stood there for a while. That is why the main advice is to respond as quickly as possible, immediately after the spill to ensure that there wont be any permanent damage to the fabric due to the stain of to its removal attempts.

If the stain had been there for a while it will be very tough to remove, so you might consider calling professional carpet cleaning London for help or you might risk damaging the carpet. If the stain is fresh though there are many tricks you may use. The 3 most dreadful stains I used to come across are the mustard, hot chocolate and of course blood.

First, the mustard – it has the ingredient Turmeric, which is a kind of yellow dye, very potent stuff. It’s best cleaned at once, not giving a chance to the stain to dry. Take a wet cloth and gently pat the stain. You may use some vinegar to help you flush out the stain. Finish it up with a little water with a teaspoon of washing soap and then dry the area with a clean cloth.

Remember not to scrub or rub the stain. It may be the way-to-do-it on hard floor but it can cause damage to carpets and make the stain more severe.
The chocolate is a bit easier. Firstly remove all excess chocolate from the carpet. Be careful not to rub it into it even deeper. Take some soap water, you may use dish washing liquid, but just a drop or two, and swab the spot as long as needed. The other way is to mix some ammonia and water. This will definitely do the trick. After the clean up pat dry with a clean cloth.

At last the blood stain – this could be the toughest one if yo are not careful. Carpet cleaning London strongly recommend never to use hot water. The heat will speed up the setting. Use cold water with a sponge or cloth blotting the area inwards softly. With particular tough blood stains you can use club soda to dampen your rug.

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