3 Insider Cleaning Tips by Cleaners Islington

Anyone who has had builders or repairmen into the house knows it isn’t always a pleasant experience. A very-early morning appointment led to a very hurried bloke fixing my dishwasher. Apparently he was in such a rush he didn’t have time to make himself a cup of tea before coming over. Just after letting him in he asked me for one – “any chance of a cup of tea miss?” –then proceeded to let himself into the spare bathroom.

Apparently he didn’t have time to do that at home either, and was in such a rush to fix the dishwasher that he didn’t flush either. Wonderful. So in the hopes of avoiding similarly uncomfortable situations here are a few insider tips for choosing the right (and polite) end of tenancy and carpet cleaning companies.

1. Hidden Fees – as the old saying goes, “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” When ringing around to carpet cleaning Islington companies ask about hidden fees, minimum booking charges, and late/cancellation penalties. A little common sense goes along way here, so if you find an end of tenancy cleaning of your three-bedroom semi-detached for £80, chances are you’re going to get fleeced.

2. Guarantees – don’t pay until the job is done. Many companies demand cash or cheque on arrival, or ask to keep your credit card details on file. Don’t part with your money until you get what you’ve paid for and are satisfied with the job. Find a company that guarantees their services, especially for end of tenancy cleaning, and takes payment only after the job has been finished. It is all too common among builders and carpet cleaning companies that once they’ve got the money in hand, they’re as good as done whether the work is or not.

3. Insurance – many Islington cleaning customers has ended up with shrunken or damaged carpets or furniture with no compensation in sight. Look for companies with full public and private liability insurance. Get a copy of their policy sent to you via fax or email if you’d like to be really sure. Ask them about their past track record and what they do if they damage your carpets or other property.

In the event that something goes wrong, chances are you will have to chase them down in order to have it righted. Choosing a good company to begin with will help to minimize the chance of something going wrong, and ensure that it will be promptly taken care of if it does.

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