3 Awesome Home Office Ideas

Who would have thought that working from home would become so popular? Wasn’t it all about working in high, steel and glass buildings situated at the heart of the business district? Well, at least the image of the successful person was portrayed this way. Today a significant number of employees prefer to work from home. What’s more their numbers are increasing every year which is normal. Development and innovation in IT and communications made it possible to work remotely.

Single parents, people employed in the creative industry and a whole bunch of other occupations like accounting can offer their workers a chance to work from home. This is great because there are fewer cars on the high-ways, fewer people using public transport and less stress. However, it has a downside. When you start working from home, you need proper settings. You can probably work a month or two from your living room or even kitchen but it can’t go on forever like this. You need a stimulating environment.

In order to help you out I have put a few interesting ideas about your next home office.

Home Office Cube

Work-life balance is a theme that doesn’t get enough attention. Yes, there are some articles in scientific journals and all human resource textbooks discuss the issue, but in fact it’s too little and artificial. The home office cube is a great place to start bring more life into your work. It’s a setup that combines three important aspects in one – work, sleep and meditation. Of course, if you aren’t keen on meditation you can always substitute it for something that is of interest to you.

In the Open

What I have in mind is in a tool shed in the garden, of course. Not that I haven’t entertained the idea of working in the field. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible now because laptop batteries can carry only two to three hours of electricity charge. But let’s return to the topic. If you convert your tool shed into a functional office will offer you peace and quiet to work, while being close enough to the fridge and coffee maker.

Home Office on Wheels

This setup is suitable for people who travel a lot. Buy an old trailer, refurbish it and install all you need to work. Then you can travel from one place to the other and have your office with you. However, have in mind that your fuel bill might go through the roof. In order to offset it, you can install solar panels and generate your own electricity.

Since I have started working from home I feel much better. Besides coming with a few great, successful ideas I have more time to spend with my family. However, the downside is that now I have to take care for everything. There is no facility manager around and I have to deal with electricians, plumbers, professional carpet cleaners, etc. Have that in mind before you decide to move working from home.

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