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How To Reduce Time Spent Cleaning In Your Home

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How To Choose The Best Carpet For Kids Room

When you become a parent, your kid(s) is/are the most important part of your life. You want to give them everything you didn’t have. You want them to grow happy and calm.

The environment they live in is very important –  friends in kindergarten, home… kids room. It should be sunny and cozy, colored with bright colors. When you had chosen the furniture and the curtains it’s time for the carpet.

Your kids will play on it most of the time they’re at home. That’s why the rug in the kids room must be carefully chosen.

  • The color and style
  • the material
  • the size
  •  … everything’s important.

If it’s your first time choosing a carpet for the kids room, I offer you some ideas:

Color and style

As long as your kids are too little to decide, you as a parent must choose the color and style of the carpet.

Girl or boy’s room – it makes a difference.

  • If you have a girl, you can make the typical Barbie room – all in pink, including the carpet. If your little daughter likes fairy tales, you can find a rug, painted with her favorite tale, so she can fell like mermaid, sleeping beauty and so on.
  • f you’re searching for a boys room rug, a nice idea is a “sport field” carpet. It can be football, basketball, baseball – everything you’re little sport fan likes.

Nature colors are proper both for girls and boys. The earth tone colors are a great compliment to natural wood and create a relaxing environment.

You can design you own personalized rug. It could be with the name or the photo of your kid, put on it. These designers rugs are a little more expensive, but they’re hand made an unique so they are worth it.


As I already mentioned, your kids will spend most of the on the floor, which means on the rug. So it should be soft. On the other side it’s good when the carpet is from material which is easy to be cleaned.

There are a few materials which are proper for a kids room rug:

  • wool
  • cotton
  • viscose
  • nylon
  • or a mixture between them.


When it comes to the size of the rug, it’s up to you. You can choose a wall to wall carpet or a smaller one. The first one is kids friendly – your boys and girls can play on the whole floor, without getting cold. The second one is parents friendly. You can clean it easier and faster.

For every parent it’s not a secret that the rug in the kids room will become dirty often. The kids will spread drinks, food, paints etc. on it. And when you have chosen the right carpet, it’s good to take care of it. Some of the carpets online stores like Amazon offerare “stain-resistant”.

But we both know that sometimes there will be spot your kids carpet won’t resist. If you can’t handle the spots, you can always hire professional carpet cleaning company, because the experts can remove most stains you can’t. Moreover they’ll clean it at least twice as fast as you because this is their job and they use specialized tools and detergents.

I hope you’ll find the perfect carpet for the room your kids live in.

This post comes to you with a kindly support of The Not Perfect Housewife. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends. If you have any other ideas of stores people can find cheaper or better carpet, you can tell them in the comments below.

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